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Multi Touch Digit OCR With Matlab Neural Network Wpf Project
  • well this project is for drawing some numbers in any language like persian numbers and then create and train 4 feed forward neural network :
1-for X properties 2-for Y properties 3-for Pen's Pressure properties 41-for giving result from 3 before nets
  • so we have some storkes that any of them is going to map to a single digit then we can adapt our nets in each test .
  • we need to work with matlab api so i developed this program with Matlab Com Library that means you should have matlab installed on your computer to work with this program ,
This is a wpf project that created with .Net Framework 4 and it has a lot of wpf sample codes that makes it very convenient sample for wpf programmers .

well this project answers some of questions of yours about the :
  1. working with matlab in very usefull and simple way in C# and WPF
  2. working with multi touch device and handle any events in them in WPF
  3. matlab codes for neural networks coding and traing and simulate and adapt them with a lot of parameters that you need
  4. learning and training the model that you want to with matlab in C#
  5. work with WPF layouts and some new nice features of it in WPF 4.0 like Easing and a good sample for WPF lovers
  6. and so on ...

I hope you enjoy this and this project can answer some questions of yours about a lot of issues that I overcame ...

Best Wishes ,

Omid Askari

(contact me also : omid_as1988 at

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